“I’ve Written My Play. How Do I Get It Produced?” Here are 3 Ways (Podcast)

You’ve just finished writing your theatrical masterpiece. You see the vision. Beautiful stage. Immensely talented actors. Gorgeous lighting. A full house of happy patrons dazzled by the fruits of your writing. But…how on earth do you make this happen? How do you make your show a reality? Ladies and gents, The Christian Performing Arts Specialist is here to tell you. Listen to the podcast above to learn three ways you can get your work produced.

To download the podcast above:

  1. Click on the track title in the player above
  2. Once transported to the audio track at SoundCloud.com, click on the “More” button beneath the track
  3. From the dropdown, click “Download”
  4. Enjoy on any MP3 playing device whenever you need a little encouragement!
  5. If you can’t see the podcast above, CLICK HERE, and follow steps 2-4.


 Much love,

The Christian Performing Arts Specialist

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