“God, It’s My Turn” – A Reminder That God Has Not Forgotten You (Podcast)

Hello Christian Performing Artists!

Have you ever sought God for help and then witnessed believers around you receive their Heavenly-Father rescue while you were left high and dry? I am here to give you the good news that God has not forgotten you. Furthermore, there is no situation – no matter how bad or seemingly impossible to fix – that God cannot turn around. God shows this to us time and time again in His Word. Listen to the example I give through the story of Jairus in the podcast above. Be encouraged, and share with anyone you know who needs their spirit lifted. To download the podcast above:

  1. Click Here
  2. Once transported to the audio track at SoundCloud.com, click on the “More” button beneath the track
  3. From the dropdown, click “Download”
  4. Enjoy anytime and anywhere


 Much love,

The Christian Performing Arts Specialist

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