Army of Christian Artists

Take the Army of Christian Artists (ACA) Pledge of Dedication & join the registry!

The Pledge of Dedication

  • I am a Christian performing artist. Of that, I am unashamed. I will boldly profess and perform my love for Christ above fame.
  • God, I thank You for the gifts that You place inside of me. They are Yours — not my own. For Your glory — not my own.
  • My craft I practice — dedicate to bringing hearts Your way. That from You I may never cause a single soul to sway.
  • You call me to be a light, so with my art I will shine. Artists in Christ, let’s set alight the nation. Self-ignite, and pass this torch of dedication.

How the Pledge Works

  1. Record a video of yourself verbally taking the ACA Pledge of Dedication. We’re artists! Without changing the words, be as creative as you want to be with your pledge. Sing it. Rap it. Choreograph a dance piece to it. The possibilities are limitless.
  2. Post your video on social media.
  3. “Pass the Torch of Dedication” by tagging a friend and challenging them to take the pledge.
  4. Join the Army of Christian Artists Registry – a FREE resource helping you and other Christian performing artists UNITE, CONNECT & CREATE. Click here to join.

For a chance to have your pledge of dedication featured, share your video with us at BibleAndPenn[at]

Why Take the Pledge?

  • To dedicate yourself and your artistry to God
  • To proclaim to the world who you are and Who you stand for
  • To join in solidarity with other Christian performing artists working to further God’s Kingdom

Click Here to Join the ACA Registry – Take Advantage of This FREE Resource

cropped-bibleandpenn_banner_fb.pngThe goal of Bible & Penn’s Army of Christian Artists Registry is to reach and connect EVERY SINGLE CHRISTIAN PERFORMING ARTIST in the USA, so we can work together to build God’s kingdom through art. Data collected will be provided as a FREE resource to aid those who want to connect with Christian artist collaborators. subscribers will receive access to the ever-growing registry once the inaugural goal of 100 registrants is met, so be sure to subscribe. There is power in Christ. There is power in art. There is power in numbers. Let’s UNITE, CONNECT & CREATE!