Zarephath Performing Arts Intensives

B&P’s Zarephath Performing Arts Intensives (ZPAI) offer rigorous training in traditional and contemporary theatre practices lead by performing arts professionals excelling in their craft. The goal of ZPAI is to provide artists with:

  • Professional-level theatre training in acting, dance, directing, and playwriting
  • Insight into the theatre industry
  • Fertile ground to not only grow in their skills and talent but also in spirit
  • Spiritual training and support to help artists be bold advocates for Jesus Christ in a largely secular industry

ZPAI training is rooted in scripture rather than secular material. For example, some traditional vocal warmups use tongue twisting anecdotes to work the mouth front to back. ZPAI vocal warmups exercise the oral cavity from hard to soft palate, too, while also motivating the actor through witty faith-based sayings. Practicing craft does not have to mean setting aside spirituality. With ZPAI, Christ is at the heart of it all.

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September 2018 Intensive

ZPAI Playwriting 101

September 8, 2018 – October 6, 2018

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Through lecture, reading assignments, writing workshops, and class discussion this introductory online course focuses on the study and practice of dramatic structure as seen in traditional and contemporary playwriting. Each student will write a ten-minute play adapted from a portion of scripture of their choosing. Class participants will have their work discussed through group feedback sessions. The successful student will: understand the fundamentals of dramatic structure that can be applied across storytelling mediums and have a draft of a ten-minute play of his or her own creation.

  • Instructor: Ayvaunn Penn, BA, MA, MFA
  • Class Frequency: Once a week on Saturdays 11AM-12:30PM
  • Location: Online only
  • Requirements: A computer, tablet, or phone with internet access. Webcam preferable so the class can see you but not required.
  • About Your Instructor:

          Ayvaunn Penn — founder of Bible & Penn Productions — is a Christian writer, composer, and director passionate about equipping Christian artists with professional-level theatre training, so they can boldly work and advocate for Christ in the theatre industry. Her latest Biblically-inspired piece, The Feather Doesn’t Fall Far from the Wing: A Play with Music, was featured at the Tony Award-winning Signature Theatre.

          In addition to her MA in Theatre from Louisiana Tech University, she earned her Master of Fine Arts in Playwriting at Columbia University where she had the honor of being the School of the Arts Dean’s Fellowship recipient for the playwriting class of 2018. Most recently, she made her directorial debut at  Signature Theatre and has served as assistant director to two-time Tony Award winner Ruben Santiago-Hudson at the Billie Holiday Theatre and Golden Globe winner Regina Taylor at the Tony Award winning Goodman Theatre. To learn more about Ayvaunn, click here.